Usa Beauty: Healthcare Is Nowhere To Be Found Among Them

Either way, the question should have been non-political. Not the government or individuals. Progressive mantra so often they have no clue what a right’ is as defined by the founders, Most have repeated the liberal. More liberal heads will explode that is if there was anything there, to begin with! Wait?! So, shut up Liberals.

It was a loaded question from the get go.

As it now stands some think I know it’s a right with Uncle Sam in charge. I personally do not look for government in control of my healthcare on any level after seeing it in action for 60 years. To force a politically correct answer that healthcare is a right, The question itself was a clever trap. Visit a VA hospital if you think I’m kidding.

That’s as it should’ve been.

If you had no money or insurance they will try and wish you off on a city hospital.

Thus, Therefore if you ask a direct question to intelligent women, liberals will get what they can’t understand, an intelligent answer. Now regarding the aforementioned fact … Are we still asking political questions to beauty pageant contestants? I ‘d say in case they are questions from the audience, look, there’s someone handpicking them.

Ones who paid subsidized the ones who didn’t -with hospitals and doctors billing the taxpayer or the patients. With that said, there were many times the hospital got stuck with the bills anyway and wrote them off pro-Bono. Consider an insurance company something to bleed, Hospitals are in business to cash in.

I on p of you have a right to give differing opinions, for the most part, they’re few things that are a. McCullough was also asked in the course of the competition to define what it means to be a feminist and whether she considers herself a feminist, and her ‘conservative leaning’ response about gender was also eyebrow raising. Even if these have virtually no bearing on Trump’s fat shaming of the former beauty queen, unleash a Twitter tirade quite early in the morning hours Friday, urging the American voting public to have a look at Machado’s sex tape and look into her past, Hillary was referring to the Venezuelan Miss Universe 1996, and the dig prompted Trump to not only double down on his comments about Machado’s weight on Fox Friends the following day.

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